What is included in the registration fees:

  • Dormitory accommodation with common showers and toilets.

  • Food, Friday Breakfast, lunch and supper. Saturday Breakfast, lunch and supper. Sunday breakfast, lunch and BBQ dinner party

  • Snacks and drinks are available during working times all days.

  • Parking for vehicles, caravans and motorhomes (no hookups are available)

  • Recharging stations for your electronic equipment. (phones laptops ....)

  • Tents to work under, protected from the weather. (it will be super fine)

  • Stone for the event.

  • Saturday evening musical entertainment.

  • Emergency washing of clothing if needed.

What you need to bring:

  • Your tools! Hand tools only, there will be no air or electrical connections available.

  • Clothing appropriate to the weather (it can be cool at night)

  • Normal safety equipment. (eye protection ...)

How to get here:

  • Easiest is tell us how you will be coming and we can supply the fastest/best route to the site.

  • We will send a tailored information sheet by e-post

  • Explore Grorud through google earth and see how it looks like from the ground. We are in the nice yellow building beside Kafe Steinbra. Sorry about the very old picture google has not updated in a long time.


We at the Steinhoggerfestivalen want your experience to be relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Be ready to share your thoughts, techniques and skills with your fellow participants and "opplev"  Grorud, Oslo and Norway.