Oslo, Norway 9-11 August 2019


Would you like to see stone carvers from all over the world gathered to display their skills? During this multi day event  participants will be carving Norwegian stone using only hand tools. On Sunday, the carvers will lay down their tools, brush dust off the stone and then their pieces will be auctioned off to the public. You have the chance to see the work from start to finish, as well as  take home your very own unique piece of craftsmanship.

 The Festival takes place on the grounds of the Steinhoggermuseet på Grorud (The stone carving museum at Grorud). Free entrance to the festival and museum, including lots of activities for the whole family. The museum is well worth a visit. You will have the opportunity to try your hand at stone carving with real granite tools. Some of the activities include excursions to the old quarries nearby, chats on geology and history as well as film viewings. Also many activities aimed at children of all ages. When your feet are tired, Kafé Steinbra is next door two steps away, offering food and drinks. The festival takes place at Grorudveien 3, just minutes from the underground and bus stop. This is an outside event, so dress accordingly.  

 Are you a stone carver (apprentice, qualified stonemason, master mason, sculptor or lettercutter) and would like to participate? More information email us at steinhoggerfestivalen@gmail.com